Thursday, February 19, 2015

New George Harrison Tree to be Dedicated Wednesday, February 25, 2-15, 4pm

Back in 2004, a small pine tree was planted just north of the parking lot for Griffith Observatory. A small plaque noted it was planted in honor of George Harrison. I didn't "discover" the tree until December 2013.

Unfortunately, within months of that discovery, the tree was dead--killed, somewhat ironically, by a beetle infestation. At the time, Councilmember Tom LaBonge pledged that a replacement tree would be planted "shortly." Well, shortly has finally arrived.

On Wednesday, February 25, at 4pm, Councilmember Labonge's office will be dedicating a replanted tree. This empty spot with a plaque for a non-existent tree will soon have a tree, again.

There are no reports of George Harrison ever having visited the Observa-tory or the Charlie Turner trail, at the start of which will stand this tree. This trail is a jumping off point for some of the prettiest parts of Griffith Park.

So, whether George Harrison ever walked here or not, the plaque in the planter will again have a tree to recognize.

So if you want to be part of one of the last days of Councilmember Labonge's last term in office, there it is; take it.


  1. Well, this story says he loved Griffith Park, so maybe he did hike here at some point. Who knows?

  2. Update, post-planting. The story says 200-300 people attended the event. There was a good crowd, but I would doubt 200, and really doubt it was 300. Great picture of Tom LaBonge, and a nice quote from Observatory Director Ed Krupp.