Monday, November 12, 2018

Arch Rock, November 10, 2018

After doing an evening at Sky's the Limit, for their Night Sky Festival 2018, I drove back to Arch Rock, to get some photos of Orion, rising over the arch. This shot is 25 seconds at 20mm, f/1.8, at ISO 1600. I'm not sure if it's just reflection from the dust in the air, but the arch seemed brighter than last time, even without "painting" the arch.

As noted previously, Arch Rock is a short hike, maybe 1/4 mile each way from the actual trail, which starts in the White Tank campground. Even if you park on the main road (which you'll need to do, late night, unless you're camping here), it's still less than a mile, each way.

I still need to write up my Utah hikes. . . .

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