100 Hikes?

[Mostly written in February 2010--ocassionally edited since then]

Last month, I read an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a guy (Kolby Kirk) who made a resolution in May 2009 to do 100 hikes before 2010.  His post on the story is here:  http://www.100hikes.com/blog/?p=1203

That sounded like an admirable goal.  And we all  need goals.  Being unemployed at the moment, having a goal to work towards can be particularly important.

I completed about 20 of these hikes before I got around to creating a blog to document my hikes. It's pretty unlikely that I'll go back and write trip reports of all of the missed hikes. In part, that's because a lot of them have been or will be revisited going forward. Since I'm going to be doing the vast majority of these as day hikes from home, it would be extremely difficult to do these 100 hikes without some repetition.

The other part is that I may not have a good enough of a memory to write a fair trip report for those earlier places. However, if there's a hike you see on my "The Hikes So Far" page that I never wrote up that you'd like some info on, feel free to post a comment somewhere on this blog (under a recent hike, it's most likely to be seen by me!).