Friday, May 31, 2013

Hike 2013.025 -- Little Santa Anita Canyon

Hiked Tuesday, April 23. Yes, over a month ago. I'm way behind in my blogging, which is really sad, considering how few hikes I'm taking so far this year.

On this April evening, I was initially planning to hike to Orchard Camp (a pretty decent day hike). However, it turned out the flowers were blooming nicer than two weeks previous, the last time I was in Little Santa Anita Canyon. So I ended up taking a lot of time shooting photos, and wound up only with enough time to hike to First Water, again.

I'm having trouble getting into a rhythm with the hiking. When I was unemployed, of course I could hike pretty much every day, and I had no trouble finding the time. Even with all those job applications floating around, and with more than a few hikes interrupted by a phone call asking for more info or to set up an interview (which, disappointingly, failed to yield work!), blocking off four hours for a short hike, or taking a day hike to a popular trail during the week to avoid the crowds was easy. Three- and four-hike weeks were common.

Now, I may *think* I have an afternoon free, but a phone call or an upset stomach or just a food craving, and suddenly, I'm at home, getting fat, and barely averaging over one hike a week.

Yeah, a lot of my time gets eaten up with the two jobs, and a fair amount of potential hiking time is spent doing family stuff. But I'm always amazed at how little time I have for hiking, considering how few other diversions I have.

Anyway, I'll have to compare my photo files with my blog write-ups to be sure, but I think I'm only about two hike write-ups behind, now. Definitely planning on an afternoon hike in Griffith Park, tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll feel less fat after that.

Of course, there's always a drawback: That'll mean I'll be dog tired when I'm working the 12-hour shift on Sunday. . . .

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