Monday, March 12, 2018

Old Mount Wilson Trail to First Water

Been way too long since I've posted! This is not much of a hike, but it's the latest, hiked today, March 12, 2018. I was curious to see if the recent rains was producing any significant runoff. I also wanted to break a sweat, and this one's a short, but steep hike. My Fitbit said 190 floors by the time I finished, but I'm not sure what the count was when I started. Probably around 50, but possibly as much as 60. I go up and down the stairs at work for exercise during the day.
There were a couple of recently-installed benches on the side trails that have been engineered over the past few years. That trail work has taken some serious effort and the engineering is good Unfortunately it does fragment the habitat, and leads to even more cutting of switchbacks and use trails crisscrossing above the main trail. The trails mean more exposed areas for smaller animals where they may be spoted by predators.
This was my first free afternoon after the switch to daylight saving time. It doesn't get dark now to well after 7pm. That means and easy 90-120 minutes or so of hiking time from when I get to my day job to the trailhead, depending on which trail I choose and what the traffic is like.

I'm hoping to get back into the rhythm I had before my cancer surgery. Unfortunately, various family issues have limited my hiking time, and it may be having some significant health effects. Problem is, it could also just be after-effects of the surgery and chemo. But, either way, my blood sugar has been somewhat high the past year, and really spiked at my last checkup. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss this, and see what can be done.