Saturday, September 16, 2017

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Henderson NV

Not really a long hike, but it is a point of interest, if you happen to be in Henderson, and want to take a little walk.
From I-515/US95/US93, Exit at Galleria Street, and head approximately two miles east. The Bird Sanctuary will be on your left. There'll be a small sign indicating the turn. The address is 350 East Galleria Drive, in Henderson, of course.

It's surprisingly easy to not notice these ponds from the street, because of the relative flatness of this particular area, so watch for the sign.
These ponds are settling basins; reclaimed water slowly seeps into the ground here, to recharge the groundwater. So, obviously, these are not natural ponds. Still, they look nice, and provide migratory birds with a welcome resting area during their journey across the Mojave Desert.

Both paved and dirt paths run between the ponds, of which there are around nine of them. There are a couple of "blinds" to watch the waterfowl through, and a platform or two.
I didn't bring my longer telephoto, and my wife wasn't going to take a really long walk, but we did want to see this place. It's a potentially nice-place to walk and bird watch. It can also get really humid in the summer, because all of that open water evaporates really fast in the desert.