The Hikes of 2010

Here's the list of hikes I did in 2010: 113 hikes over the course of the year. I've just started another page with the 2011 hikes. Of course, as of today, there's all of one hike on that page!

I've got hyperlinks from most of the hikes listed here to my corresponding trip write-ups. Some of the earlier hikes were never written up, however. But most of those, I hiked again later, so you can find info on those hikes further down on the list.

Mileage is approximate, based on published reports of hike distances and estimates of additional distances I covered on that day.

Last updated: January 8, 2011

1. Tuesday, January 5: Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Eaton Canyon Falls. 3 miles.

2. Wednesday, January 6: ECNC to Hennenger Flats via horse trail shortcut. 5 miles.

3. Friday January 8: Eaton Canyon to Mount Wilson via Toll Road. 15 miles.

4. Sunday, January 10: Chantry Flats to Sturdevant Falls and Hermit Falls. 5 miles.

5. Tuesday, January 12: Walk along Chaney Trail Road, then Lake Ave to Echo Mountain and back. 7 miles.

6. Wednesday, January 13. Monrovia Canyon Falls. 3 miles.

7. Wednesday, January 13: Rubio Canyon Trailhead to Echo Mountain. Return to Lake, walk to Rubio Canyon trailhead. 5 miles.

8. Saturday, January 16: Bailey Canyon to Bailey Falls, then to Hastings Peak, then back down along spur to Little Santa Anita Canyon. Walk from Mt. Wilson Trail trailhead to Bailey Canyon Trailhead. 8 miles.

9. Sunday, January 17. Lake to Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon Trail. 9.5 miles.

10. Saturday, January 23. Camp Hollywoodland to Mt. Lee (Hollywood sign). Approximately 6 miles round trip. Sidetrip to “Bat Cave.”

11. Sunday, January 24. Eaton Canyon–Access from Pinecrest to just past Winter Creek junction. 10 miles.

12. Wednesday, January 27 – Bill Overtuff Trail. Sawpit Canyon to Deer Park. Approx. 8.5 miles. [I can't believe I never wrote this one up! I'll have to see if I can find pictures from this hike and remedy this situation!]

13. Friday, January 29 – Big Dalton Canyon, up Upper Mystic Canyon trail to past peak 3397. 11 miles.

14. Monday, February 1 – Fish Canyon, the hard way. 10 miles.

15. Wednesday, February 3 – Lower and Upper Winter Creek Loop. 6 miles.

16. Thursday, February 4 – Chantry Flat to Mount Wilson via Upper Winter Creek trail to Manzanita Ridge Trail to Mount Wilson trail. Return via Sturtevant Trail. 15 miles

17. Sunday, Feb 7–Duarte (Melcanyon Drive to Mt. Bliss to White Saddle and back). ~13 miles.

18. Monday, Feb 8–-Rubio Canyon waterfall hike. 3 miles RT.

19. Wednesday, Feb 10–Rubio Canyon to Thalehaha Falls Overlook, and Pinecrest to Eaton Canyon Falls. 3 miles.

20. Friday, Feb 12–-Evey Canyon to Potato Mountain, Claremont. Hike up ridge, then return via fire road. 4 miles

21. Sunday, Feb. 14– Devil’s Punchbowl to Devil’s Chair RT, and Punchbowl loop. 8.5 miles.

22. Tuesday, Feb 16--Chantry Flats to Sturdevant Falls, back to Sturdevant Trail, north to Mount Zion Trail, south to Mt. Zion, south to Lower Winter Creek Trail, back to Chantry Falts. 9-10 miles, total.

23. Friday, Feb 19--Mt Bliss via Van Tassel Fire Road. 8.6 miles.

24. Sunday, Feb 21--Monrovia Falls. 4.75 miles (parked outside of the park).

25. Monday, Feb 22--Eaton Canyon to Sam Merrill Trail via Altadena Crest Trail. 6-7 miles.

26. Tuesday, Feb 23--Altadena Crest Trail, from Sam Merrill Trail east (to about Taos), return, then up Sam Merrill to Echo Mountain Observatory. 8.5 miles.

27. Wednesday, Feb 24--West end of Altadena Crest Trail, Loma Alta Park to Alzada Drive. 3 miles, RT.

28. Thursday, Feb 25--Sunset Peak and San Antonio Falls. 9 miles, total.

29. Monday, Mar 1--Wilson Canyon to Placerita Canyon via Los Pinetos trail, and Waterfall Trail. 14 miles.

30. Wednesday, Mar 3--Vasquez Rocks to Angeles National Forest via Pacific Crest Trail. 14 miles.

31. Friday, Mar 5--Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Sam Merrill Trail via Altadena Crest Trail. 7 miles.

32. Sunday, Mar 7--Old Mount Wilson Toll Road from Pinecrest Drive to Mount Wilson, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. 14 miles.

33. Wednesday, Mar 10--Little Santa Anita Canyon to Bailey Canyon via Mount Wilson Trail, Mazanita Trail, Toll Road, firebreak and Bailey Canyon Trails. 11 miles.

34. Friday, Mar 12--Stoddard Peak. 6 miles.

35. Monday, Mar 15--Henninger Flats. 5 miles.

36. Wednesday, Mar 17--Chantry Flats to Mount Zion via Lower Winter Creek Trail, return via Upper Winter Creek Trail. 7 miles.

37. Friday, Mar 19--Mount Baldy Trail to Sheep Mountain Wilderness. 7 miles.

38. Wednesday, Mar 24--Sierra Madre to Mt Wilson via Sturdevant Trail and returning via Winter Creek trail. 14 miles.

39. Monday, Mar 29--Hacienda Hills. Seventh Avenue to Nike Station via Coyote Trail and Skyline Trail; Return via Skyline Trail, Native Oak Trail and Ahwingna trail. 8 miles+

40. Tuesday, Mar 30--Schabarum Park to Fullerton Road via Schabarum trail. 7 miles.

41. Friday, Apr 2--Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve. 6 miles.

42. Sunday, Apr 4--Hacienda Hills. Seventh Avenue Trailhead to Turnbull Canyon Road trailhead. 7 miles.

43. Tuesday, Apr 6--Echo Mountain and Rubio Canyon Waterfalls. Up via Sam Merrill, down via Rubio Canyon, back via Altadena Crest trail. 6 miles.

44. Friday, Apr 9--Turnbull Canyon Road to Schabarum Park. 8 miles

45. Sunday, Apr 11--Amboy Crater. 3 miles.

46. Wednesday, Apr 14--Puente Hills: Sycamore Canyon and Hellman Park. Sycamore Canyon trail (1.3 miles) to Dark Canyon Trail (1.2 miles RT), up Sycamore Switchback trail (.6 mile), West on Rattlesnake Ridge Trail to end and back (1.6 miles RT), east to Hellman Park Trail (.2 miles), south on Hellman Park Trail to Hellman Park (1.1 miles), east and north on Peppergrass Trail to Rattlesnake Ridge Trail (1.1 mile), west on Rattlesnake Ridge Trail (.7 miles) to Sycamore Switchback Trail, return via Switchback and Canyon Trails (1.9 miles). 9.7 miles total.

47. Friday, Apr 16--Echo Mountain. 5 miles.

48. Monday, Apr 19--Joshua Tree National Park: Mastadon Peak, Oasis of Mara, Cholla Forest. 3 miles.

49. Wednesday, Apr 21--Big Dalton Canyon. 3 miles.

50. Thursday, Apr 22--Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Eaton Canyon Falls. 3 miles.

51. Sunday, Apr 25--Joshua Tree. Lost Palms Oasis and Ryan Mountain. 9 miles.

52. Wednesday, Apr 28--Bailey Park to Jones Saddle. 6 1/3 miles.

53. Friday, Apr 30--Mt Baldy Trail. 11 miles.

54. Wednesday, May 4--Eaton Canyon to Cobb Estate via Altadena Crest Trail. 6.5 miles.

55. Saturday, May 8--Fish Canyon Falls Direct. 4 miles.

56. Monday, May 10--Turnbull Canyon & Vicinity. 7 miles.

57. Tuesday, May 11--Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Authority: Arroyo San Miguel, Arroyo Pescadero and Deer Loop. 6.2 miles

58. Wednesday, May 12--Worsham Canyon and Workman Ridge, PHLNHA. 3.6 miles.

59. Saturday, May 15--Bailey Canyon Park to Jones Peak. 6.6 miles.

60. Tuesday, May 18--Powder Canyon trailhead. 6.5 miles.

61. Thursday, May 20--Timber Mountain. 9.0 miles.

62. Saturday, May 22--Big Dalton Canyon. 5 miles.

63. Monday, May 24--Hacienda Hills. 5 miles.

64. Friday, May 28--Altadena to Inspiration Point via Sam Merril and Castle Canyon. 9.5 miles.

65. Tuesday, June 1--Mount Wilson trail to Mount Wilson. 15 miles.

66. Saturday, June 12--Whitewater Canyon Nature Preserve. 6 miles.

67. Tuesday, June 15--Telegraph Peak. 12.5 miles.

68. Thursday, June 17--Sawpit Canyon. 6.5 miles.

69. Monday, June 21--M*A*S*H Hike, Malibu Creek State Park, 5.6 miles.

70. Wednesday, June 23--Eaton Canyon Hike--Henninger Flats and Eaton Canyon Falls. 6 miles.

71. Monday, June 28--Mt. Baldy Trail. 11 miles.

72. Thursday, July 1--Mt. Baldy and West Baldy from Manker Flats. 14.5 miles.

73. Monday, July 5--Little Santa Anita to Decker Spring. 6.2 miles.

74. Wednesday, July 7--Mt. San Jacinto via Marion Mountain Trail. 11.4 miles.

75. Thursday, July 15--Mt. Pinos and Mt. Abel, and Mt. Pinos Irises. 13 miles.

76. Wednesday, July 21--Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon. 11 miles.

77. Thursday, July 29--Chapman Trail and Icehouse Canyon Trail. 7.7 miles.

78. Monday, August 2--Sturtevant Falls. 3 miles.

79. Wednesday, August 4--Eaton Canyon Falls. 3 miles.

80. Sunday, August 8--Baker Creek Trail to Baker Lake. 11 miles.

81. Monday, August 9--Wheeler Peak. 8.2 miles.

82. Friday, August 13--Echo Mountain. 5 miles.

83. Friday, August 27--Henninger Flats. 6 miles.

84. Sunday, August 29--Bailey Canyon to Mt. Wilson. 13 miles.

84a and b. Labor Day Weekend in DC, Part 1 and Part 2
85. Wednesday, September 8--Mt. Zion via Upper and Lower Winter Creek trails. 7.5 miles.

86. Monday, September 13--Ontario Peak. 12.2 miles.

87. Monday, September 20--Echo Mountain. 5 miles.

88. Thursday, September 23--Sandstone Peak and Tri Peaks via Mishe Mokwa and Backbone Trail loops. 7 miles.

89. Sunday, September 26--Puente Hills (Ahwinga, Coyote, Schabarum, Native Oak and Ahwinga trails). 5 miles.

90. Sunday, October 3--Mt. Wilson via Toll Road (Pinecrest entry). 14 miles.

91. Friday, October 8--Mt. Baldy via Baldy Bowl trail. 9.2 miles.

92. Sunday, October 10--Teutonia Peak and Kelso Dunes. 3.5 miles.

93. Wednesday, October 13--Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Sam Merrill Trailhead. 7 miles.

93a. Thursday, October 14--San Bernardino NF. Aspen Grove. Less than 3 miles.

94. Sunday, October 24--Fish Canyon, long way. 9.5 miles.

95. Tuesday, October 26--Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats. 6 miles.

96. Saturday/Sunday, October 30/31--Rings Loop and Barber Peak Loop. 7 miles.

97. Wednesday, November 4--Mt. Wilson via Upper Winter Creek Trail, and Rim Trail to vista point. 16 miles.

98. Tuesday, November 9--Sawpit Wash, Monrovia. RT between Lemon Ave and Monrovia Canyon Park entry station. 4 miles.

99. Thursday, November 11--Black Rock Canyon campground to Warren Peak. 6 miles.

100. Sunday, November 14--Wilson Canyon Road (Los Pinetos Trail) to Microwave Relay Station near Wilson Saddle. 6 miles.

101. Tuesday, November 16--Pineknot Trail from Aspen Glen Picnic Area to Grandview Point. 6 miles.

102. Friday, November 19--Shoemaker Canyon to .5 mile past Second Tunnel. 6 miles.

103. Monday, November 22--Heaton Flats Trail to Sheep Mountain Wilderness sign. 3.4 miles.

104. Sunday, November 30--Henninger Flats from Eaton Canyon Nature Center. 6 miles.

105. Wednesday, December 1--Upper Bear Creek Canyon. 10.3 miles.

106. Friday, December 3--Lower Bear Creek Canyon. 8 miles.

107. Monday, December 6--West Fork of San Gabriel River. 14 miles.

108. Thursday, December 9--PCT from Cottonwood Trailhead to Whitewater Drainage. 7 miles.

109. Tuesday, December 14--Heaton Flats to Heaton Saddle. 8.6 miles.

110. Thursday, December 23--Black Rock Canyon Campground to Eureka Peak. 10 miles.

111. Monday, December 27--Shoemaker Canyon. 3 miles.

112. Thursday, December 30-- Little Dalton Canyon. 8 miles.

113. Friday, December 31--Water Canyon. 6.5 miles.