Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hike 79: Eaton Canyon Falls

I took another short hike this morning. Just about three miles roundtrip, from the Eaton Canyon Nature Center (Altadena Drive, just north of New York) to the falls and back. The water coming down the falls was pretty minimal.

Along the way, I passed several aloe stalks in bloom. Hummingbirds were zipping around the flowers.

I'm just taking it somewhat easy for now, since I'm hoping to make a trip to Great Basin National Park this weekend. No sense straining or hurting something just before a big trip.
One thing I will note: I started my hike around 8:30pm. On the last 1/2 mile to the falls, I passed about six people were leaving and found two people at the falls.

When I left, I passed several large groups of teenagers and a large group of pre-school or kindergarten-aged kids. Apparently, if you want to miss the crowds of summer, you need to start by 8am.