Friday, August 29, 2014

Hike 2014.046 -- Fern Dell and Mt. Hollywood Drive, Griffith Park

Hiked Thursday, August 21. Yeah, I'm not really catching up on my blogging, am I? This one was from last week. I had to head to the Observatory to do some paperwork, so I brought my boots with the intent of doing an afternoon hike.

Decided on Fern Dell, since it had been a while since my last hike there.

I was not optimistic, given how hot and dry it has been. But things still looked very bucolic down there. The waters still ran.

The yellow flower above was atop a stalk, a lone specimen on a small island in the water that runs through the lower reaches of Fern Dell.

These purple guys were right near by, on long vines wrapped around some trees. I don't know the species of either, but I'm sure neither are southern California natives. But the relative moisture and shade of Fern Dell lets them thrive.

These guys were at the very far southern end of Fern Dell. They were huge, draping, textured lily-looking flowers. I loved them.

Overhanging some water was this single purple flower on a bush, which I believe to be a Rose of Sharon.

After getting back to the upper part of Fern Dell, the plan was to head up the ridge to my west. I had seen a picture of the Observatory from pretty much due west, at Observatory level. Hadn't seen such a view yet, so I went in search of the photo perspective.

I climbed a non-trail which eventually intersected with Western Canyon Drive. Then I hiked up that road until i found a hill to climb to the west. The hill's trail was not posted as private property, so I headed up. Didn't quite get the perspective I wanted there, or any where else in the area.

Eventually, I headed cross-country, up a very steep incline that proved tougher than I expected. I made it back up and eventually joined Mt. Hollywood Drive. I guess that got me a perspective I would have missed had I headed straight back to my car.
I'll guess bout four miles for the day, though that's just a guess.

My previous visits to Fern Dell are here and here. Also, here. Obviously, it's a pretty photogenic place to go.

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