Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hike 2012.073 -- Mt Hollywood, again

Hiked Saturday, November 3. This was my third day of hiking in a row, and my last before the end of Daylight Savings Time. Time'll be tight after work now. I might be able to fit a short hike or two down in the Puente Hills after work, but even that will be short and likely finished in the dark.

I've written this hike a lot recently, because the trailhead is right were I work. I was trying to get some night skyline pictures, again. What I have learned is that my cheap tripod is not steady enough--every shot has a blur as the camera shakes from the shutter being triggered. It's not *too* obvious with small pictures sizes, but it looks terrible at full-screen size.

I probably need to just kick the ISO all the way up to limit the exposure time, and either use the self-timer or put consistent downward pressure on the camera body to minimize shake.

So, one shot of downtown on the way up, and one on the way down.

Maybe three miles roundtrip. I walked around the summit on the way up, to try to get that magic distance. Not sure if I made it. I also had to contact the rangers after I got to the bottom. Just before crossing over the Vermont tunnel, I ran across a mother who's grown daughter left the trail and was no longer visible. Not sure of all the details, but I talked to a couple of rangers the next day and they confirmed that all ended well. The young woman was waiting by the car. I sorta figured that was going to be the story, so I was not nearly as distraught as the mother was.

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