Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hike 2013.022 -- Schabarum Park

Hiked Wednesday, April 10. Yeah, I've been on a lot of hikes the past week. Haven't been able to write them up, yet. This one's short, because I don't have many pictures. I let my camera battery die.

The main entrance of Schabarum Park is on Colima Road, just east of Azusa Avenue. From the Pomona Freeway (CA-60), exit at Azusa, head south about 1/2 mile, turn left at Comima Road, then prepare immediately to turn right into the parking lot. There's a charge to park in the lot on weekends, so I usually visit during the week.

I parked near restroom #6 today. The restrooms all seem to be numbered, though I haven't memorized the numbering pattern. I just headed south on the main access route and parked when I saw a sign for a butterfly/hummingbird garden. Shot about a dozen shots right there. Didn't see any butterflies or hummingbirds, but I did see some colorful sage.

Continuing on the main road, I ran across an "ume" forest, donating by a sister park in Japan. Big signs warned the picking the ume was considered stealing from the county, so you better not steal. I saw no flowers and no fruit, which is weird, since you'd figure they would have bloomed recently, with the coming of spring.

There are several spurs marked as the Schabarum Trail in this area. I took the one that would lead to the west, towards Hacienda Blvd. However, I turned to the south as the trail progressed, and headed up towards an area that in past years has seen crazy wild radish blooms. When I got there, the blooms seemed past peak, however.

Sort of a moot point anyway, as my camera battery died long before then.

By far the most common bloom today was the wild mustard. Many fields of yellow

I completed the a loop up the hill above my radish patch, arced towards the east, joined up with the Purple Sage Trail, then back on a Schabarum spur, then back to the park. I'll call it three miles. Took about 70 walking minutes, anyway. Will probably try to return shortly, with a fully-charged battery.

I've updated my list of hikes so far this list in the Hikes of 2013 link. Will blog when I have the time.

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  1. Nice collection of flowers !! i like it really awesome to see this