Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hike 41: Antelope Valley California Poppy State Natural Reserve

Hiked Friday, Apr 2. 6 miles.

This state park has extremely well-defined and easy-to-follow trails. From CA-14 (Antelope Valley Freeway), exit on Avenue I for the most direct route to the Antelope Valley California Poppy State Natural Reserve. Unfortunately, my memory was that you exited on Avenue D to get to the park, so I went about six miles further than necessary, then looped around the long way.

On the positive side, Avenue D (CA-138) had extremely dense blooms:

The state park blooms were not as dense, but were still wonderful to look at. In addition to the California Poppies, there are also thick blooms of "Goldfield" flowers in the park.

I wandered along several long loop trails, and totaled about six miles, total.

A few other shots from the loop:

In short--Yes, the Poppy bloom at the Poppy Reserve is at peak bloom. Flowers are blooming along surrounding roads, as well.

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  1. Very cool pics. Wish I could get up there this year. Thanks for the report!