Monday, July 12, 2010

Mt Pinos

Not really a hike, although it was supposed to be. I intended to hike it last Saturday, but took off the wrong way. The full story is on my sidewalk astronomy blog, here.

Despite the failure, I thought I would note the wonderful field of iris, blooming not 100 yards from the top parking lot. I'll have to do this hike right, and probably will, sometime later this summer.

I'd currently debating a trip up to near Mono Lake. Got some friends camping up there now. If there aren't any new posts in the next three days, it's likely I went up there and will have some pictures from the eastern Sierra by the end of the week.


  1. Just found your blog (via WWED?) it! Hope you make it up to Mono...


  2. I think that's the site I came across when following up on my Mt. Baldy hike, which I came across on Modern Hiker. Funny how this all links together, huh?

    Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Mono Lake this week. I lost my keys and didn't want to spend three days in the Eastern Sierra wondering where my keys were. :D Also, I'm hoping to take a trip to Great Basin National Park in August, so I didn't want to tax my wife's patience with another trip just three weeks before.

    Had to settle for a return visit to Mt. Pinos, instead.