Monday, September 20, 2010

Hike 87: Echo Mountain (Again)

Hiked Monday, September 20. Another nice easy hike, for two reasons. First, today was the debut of my Shoe-gooed boots. The Coleman boots I got from Big 5 in early spring started to fall apart before a recent hike. Earlier in the week, my good wife rejoined the sole with the upper, and I gave it several days to cure. I'm happy to report that, after the easy 5.5 mile hike of today, the seal is holding solidly. If it stays fixed after a few more of these short hikes, I'll take it out on something longer, again. Second, I had a civil service exam to take this morning, so I waited until the evening to get my little hike in.

I started out around 5pm. The afternoon sun hits you most of the trail, but on the bits in the shade, I could already feel fall in the air (and fall doesn't even start until tomorrow!). Most flowering plants have turned brown, with red or brown "blooms" of seed pods where flowers were a few months ago.

On the way up, I thought to myself that I would probably get some nice views of a rising gibbous moon, because I knew the moon was already gibbous on Saturday. It would be rising about an hour later tonight than it rose on Saturday, when it was already well-up in the sky by sunset.

Sure enough, I did get treated to a beautiful moon, coming over the reddish hills above Alta Dena.

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