Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hike 95: Henninger Flats

Yeah, here again. I hiked this yesterday. I was kinda slow getting out of the house and decided I only had time for something short. My initial plan was to check out a couple of the dirt roads that run to the west of Henninger, but I ran into "No Trespassing" signs before I even got across the tree plantation. That left me with a short six mile hike.

On the plus sign, the clouds made the deer feel brave, so I got a number of shots of a total of three deer who were hanging around the north end of the plantation. The single deer here is a tight crop of a picture of two deer, but the other one's busy eating.

The two-deer shot below is a crop of the three-deer shot at the end of this post.

I know there are plenty of deer in the area because you can look at the hill to the west and see it crisscrossed with deer trails. Also, once before, when I was coming down after sunset, I ran across two separate deer pods, of about five each (normally you'd call a group of deer a herd, I guess, but it seems like "herd" implies a bigger group than five).

Also, last time I was coming down from Mt. Wilson, I saw a couple of deer just above Henninger (after hearing them busting through the trees). Couldn't get any shots of them, though.

I've got a shot here of that hill, reduced to 50%; click on the picture and it blows up. The deer trail or visible if you look closely at the grassy area of the hill.

Normally, I reduce my pictures down to about 17%. That's usually still big enough so you can see what I see, but small enough that they load quickly.

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