Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angeles Crest Highway Above La Canada Set to Open Friday

Barring any unexpected developments, it appears Caltrans is going to open that last nine-mile stretch of the Angeles Crest Highway on Friday morning.

The highway reopening does not directly affect the Station Fire recovery order, however. Many trails along that segment will still be off-limits. Still, it does mean a shorter ride to Mt. Wilson or other destinations further east.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to take advantage of this first weekend. Been battling a nasty cold since last Thursday. Second one of the year, too. I hope I'm over the hump, though. But, either way, I'll probably stay off the trail until next week. I have to travel out of town for a job interview in a couple of days, and a long drive is tough enough without the effects of illness or non-prescription medications to combat the effects of that illness!


  1. Hey Skyhiker, good luck with the interview...

  2. Thanks, Mark!

    Still trying to get healthier. The actual interview is not until Monday, so as of today, it looks like I'll leave Sunday and come back Tuesday or Wednesday. If I just drive home or settle on no more than 2-3 hours or so of hiking, I get back on Tuesday night. If I decide on a serious hike on Tuesday, or maybe a couple of short hikes Tuesday, and another short hike on Wednesday, then I don't get home until Wednesday.

    Of course, the sicker I still am next week, the less likely I'll do a serious hike!

  3. I saw the local news on Friday night. It was funny. When the gate opened, it was almost like the Tour de France. Well, not literally, but there appeared to be scores of bicycles starting up the hill, in addition to many motorcycles and cars.