Friday, September 7, 2012

Hike 2012.061 -- Mount Zion

Hiked Saturday, September 1. Got a reasonably early start, and headed up to Chantry Flat, again. Made it up there just before 7:30am. Even by then, the lots were full, and I needed to park a hundred yards or so down the road. That's nothing compared to the guys who came later, of course.

Had a simple goal: Climb Mt. Zion. I just wanted to finish this hike from last month. You can read that one for directions to the trailhead and what not, although I notice I didn't give the directions until about halfway through the writeup!

Can't even remember what the weather was like.

Not many pictures on this post, either. It would look pretty much the same as the linked hike, except with a morning sun instead of an evening sun.

I just hiked up the Upper Winter Creek Trail, then took the Mt. Zion Trail to the summit. That would be about seven miles roundtrip.

I'm still two hikes behind. Not sure when I'll be able to post them. It's Friday night, and I'm debating if I'll take a long hike on Saturday. Really depends on how early I get up. If I settle for a short hike, I'll be back early and will have time to work on my next post. Otherwise, I'll fall further behind, and won't have time to post until possibly Monday night. We shall see.

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