Thursday, October 18, 2012

I hiked on Sunday

Took a hike on Sunday (not Saturday, as I originally posted). But it's starting to look like I'll take over a week to get the post done. That was Barber Peak, by the way. I did that one two years ago. It was a nice hike.

Barber Peak is in Mojave National Preserve. I was there again for our semi-annual Mojave National Preserve Conservancy star party. Arrived on Friday afternoon, and was met by the first of many tarantulas. Apparently, it's tarantula migration season.

Plenty of time to set up the tent, set up the telescope, and eat dinner.

Gave my LX-80 mount a pretty good work out. I'm going to have to write a short review on that mount one of these days (on my sidewalk astronomy blog, of course). That's it, supporting my C11, as we're all sitting around waiting for dark.

I was sick before Mojave, and sick after. Still not at 100 percent, and I get chilled quickly.

Haven't managed any hikes since then. Probably won't be able to manage a hike before Sunday, at the earliest. And that's pretty iffy, too. Something short on Monday is more likely. But I should manage to get my hike blog updated by then!


  1. The pics are lovely. Sounds like you are a pro..

    That equipment looks very expensive. have you written a review on the LX-80 then? I'd like to read it. Keep the great posts coming.

  2. Definitely not a professional photographer, nor a professional astronomer. I'll probably post at least a use report on my sidewalk astronomy blog. Probably not for a few days, though.