Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hike 2014.068 -- Bailey Canyon Park to Bailey Canyon Falls (Dry) and Cabin Foundation, Sierra Madre, CA

Hiked Friday, December 26. Short hike, fit between other things I had to do yesterday. Only had time to go to the cabin foundation, rather than to Jones Peak, as would have been my preference. I also detoured up the waterfall trail, to see if there was any water coming down. As expected, there was none.

There are still some yellow leaves hanging on to sycamore trees, both here and in Sturtevant Canyon, which I hiked earlier in the week.

Odd thing I saw in the canyon was a tent, pitched right near the base where the tiny Bailey Canyon waterfall would be, if it were running. Coleman tent, so nothing fancy. Don't know if he's otherwise homeless or if he's doing some sort of weird front range hike. I serious doubt overnight camping is permitted in Bailey Canyon Park.

Nice, easy pace on up to the cabin foundation. On the way up, there were nice views of the monastery, as well as the red maples that grow along the streets of Sierra Madre and vicinity.

There were a few signs near the park from a group opposed to plans for a residential development on the monastery property.

Once I reached the cabin foundation, I observed a change since my last visit: A large, professional-looking, bronze plaque, that looks just like normal historical marker plaques, but clearly was not, has been secured to the base of the former cabin.

So I'm calling this guerrilla art.

I don't know the actual history of this cabin founda-tion, but I can assure you that George Bailey didn't come here from Bedford Falls after a typhoid epidemic in 1945. That's not how "It's a Wonderful Life" is going to end!

Bailey Canyon's small parking lot is located at 451 W. Carter Avenue, a few blocks west of Baldwin Avenue, and way at the north end of that street.

The lot's main problem is not its width but its depth. Cars may have a difficult time backing out of their spaces if cars are also parked next to you and on the opposite side of the lot. So some of you may wish to park out on the street and make the short walk to the park, instead.
Mileage for the hike from the park to the cabin foundation is given as 2.2 miles. While on this trail, a sign pointing to the "Waterfall" from the main trail is given as 1/4 of a mile. I'm not sure if it's actually 1/4 of a mile or if it's somewhat less, but my guess is that it's less. So I'm giving the distance as 4.5 miles, though it may be a bit more.

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