Friday, April 17, 2015

Hike 2015.018 -- Mt. Hollywood and Vicinity

Hiked Wednes-day, March 18. I made my way up around the summit of Mount Hollywood, but really didn't get any interesting shots. So all I went with in this post are shots around the Observatory.
This may become a theme. Because of parking and work issues, this is a place I can get to to hike really easily, and actually quicker than any other decent hiking destination after the end of a shift on my day job.

This was even more true a month or so ago, when it was getting dark earlier. It'll be less of an issue in the next month, as afternoons get longer.
After doing a loop around Mt. Hollywood, I walked several circles around Griffith Observatory's perimeter, shooting across the cityscape and around the building, itself.

The architecture and the commanding view of Los Angeles make this an easy place to spend time, taking pictures.

Many other cameras were also hard at work this night. In fact, the woman looking through the telescope shot was posed--not by me, but by her and her friend. I was just walking by, trying to get some nice silhouettes against the colorful lights of the city.
Of course, even without a posed shot, I had plenty of silhouettes and city lights to choose from.

It was a relaxing night, with just enough walking after work, and enough decent shots around the building, that I felt like it was a productive trip.
I'd have to check my picture files to be sure, but I've probably taken at least 3 more hikes around the Observatory since I did this one. Not sure how many pictures I'll post, but I am going to try to reduce my blog backlog a bit this week.

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