Monday, August 24, 2015

Hike 2015.062 -- Switzers

Hiked Monday, August 3. Very short, after work hike. One of many older hikes I have yet to blog. It looks I have not blogged almost as many as I have blogged! Just keeping a little too busy, I guess.
This was a short hike, where all I brought was my camera phone. I've hiked the area many times before, and posts of those walks are elsewhere on this blog.

I was planning to hike from the main parking area to the waterfalls, but it quickly became apparent that there would be essentially no water flowing over the falls if I went that far. So, instead, I turned around at the point where the trail would begin the long descent back to the river.
Around there, I took several shots up and down the canyon, as well as across the canyon, at the remains of the church that used to overlook Switzer's Falls.
This picture here is a crop of the previous one. You can see low walls on that flat area near the bottom left. And, in the last picture, you can see portions of what used to be arching walls, somewhat below center.
After I headed back on the trail and crossed the stream, I poked around that area somewhat, seeing if I could find a safe and easy way up to the chapel ruins. I did not, or at least I did not have the motivation to look very hard. Then I went home. Three miles for the day.

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