Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hike 2015.077 -- Eaton Canyon

Hiked Sunday, October 18. Quick post, as I continue to lag in my blogging. This was a short Sunday hike--less than four miles round trip, from the Nature Center to Eaton Canyon Falls and back. The previous week was, happily, full of hikes, but by this past weekend, the backlog of things I had to do got big enough to consume my entire Saturday.

Sunday was also rapidly escaping me, but Eaton Canyon is close to home, and I was curious to see if the water was any higher than last time. It did not seem higher. In fact, the first wash crossing found the soil completely dry, so it seems safe to say the flow never made it that far.

I walked on along what would be the north bank of Eaton Canyon Creek (if there was water down there), under the oaks. It's always a pleasant hike, even if somewhat crowded at times. The sky was dark over the mountains, but it was dry down here, and good hiking weather.

It's pretty flat and easy up until that last half mile, when you need to cross the stream multiple times. Even that part is generally easy, although the rocks can be slick, and a careless crossing can lead to a fall.

There was a fair (but not huge) crowd at the falls. I snapped a few pictures before heading back. Didn't stay long, since I was out for the exercise, and had seen this falls many times before.

Easy return, of course. Back to my car by about 4:30pm.

This trail head is off of Altadena Drive, just north of New York Drive. There's signage on the right (east) side of Altadena for the nature center.

If the lot is full, there's street parking here, and also access points elsewhere up canyon.

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