Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hike 2015.082 -- Oak Glen Preserve

Hiked Friday, November 6. One hike ago, and the most recent not yet blogged. This was a short hike I have done many times before. However, I was surprised to discover that I hadn't been up here all apple season!

As I suspected, I was too late for fall color. Looks like it was a pretty poor season for foliage up here, as well.

Still, Oak Glen Preserve is always a nice little hike. It's got a nice mixture of micro-ecosystems, which makes for year-round interest.
On this day, I started a bit late, and I was hungry, so I decided to eat one of their tri-tip sandwiches. they have a barbeque going most apple season, but I usually am not here long enough to need to eat a large meal. So I had often sniffed this, but never eaten it.
It's a little pricey, something like $11 for a tri-tip combo (with a small side and drink). The sandwich, however, was very tasty. It was on a french role that they buttered and toasted, so it was dripping in fat even before you added the meat. Yes, very good, it was.
After lunch, I hit the trail. For no particular reason, I walked it backward. In other words, rather than entering via the entrance to the Preserve, I headed due south from the parking lot, and entered via Oak Knoll Park. Lots of picnic benches and several rows of white folding chairs beneath the oak boughs, and in front of a little arch that looked prepared for a wedding.
I continued on down the path, passing south of the developed area, then continued on up the Preservation Point trail. This is a short but somewhat steep trail that takes you to a wonderful overlook of the whole Oak Glen area, as well as much of the Inland Empire. It was a little hazy, but still a nice view.

Then, back down the Preservation Point trail, and up the Stream Trail, to the small pond. Then, from there, back to the parking area.
It's about four miles for the whole thing. Not very long, but a nice Friday for me.

Oak Glen is accessed from either the 10 or 210 freeways. From I-10 (the San Bernardino Freeway), exit at Yucaipa Blvd, then turn left at Oak Glen Road. Follow Oak Glen Road into the town of Oak Glen. Riley's Los Rios Rancho is the home of Oak Glen Preserve.

From the Foothill Freeway (I-210), exit at San Bernardino Road and head east. After a several long blocks, take Orange Street south (right) to Citrus St (CA-38). Take CA-38 about four miles east, to Bryant St (just before the ranger station). Take Bryant Street about two miles east to Oak Glen Road, then turn right, to Oak Glen.

At the southeast corner of Oak Glen and Bryant is a Rite Aid. If you've forgotten any sundry items (batteries, SD card, sun block, water, etc), that's a good place to get it. There's also a Stater Brother's supermarket, on the northeast side of that corner.

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