Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hike 2016.015 -- Mount Hollywood, Griffith Park, CA

Hiked Thursday, March 24. I'm very far behind in my blogging, and not easily catching up. This one was from the Thursday before Easter. Just a short hike, before a night shift at the Observatory.
From the Observa-tory, I walked around the parking lot. The first shot is from the parking lot, looking to the east of the trail, which runs along the ridge, over Vermont Avenue.
Lots of wild mustard in bloom. A fair amount of sunflowers, too. And a few phacelia, and fewer Canterbury bells.
Since I'm often at the Observa-tory, this is by far the most common hike I take. I like it because it's great views pretty much the whole way. Los Angeles at the start, then the Hollywood part of Los Angeles below you, then Glendale to the west, the Burbank to the north. Lots of mountains, too.
It's a bit under three miles if you just hike from the start of the trail, up Mount Hollywood, and back. If you add in the distance in and around the Observatory, and take the long way around the mountain top, you might be able to squeeze in a full three miles. Close enough to call it a hike. So a short write-up for now. More to write-up, still.

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