Saturday, April 7, 2018

Millard Canyon and Brown Mountain Truck Trail

Short afternoon hike around Millard Canyon. Parking is at the end of Chaney Trail Road. "Adventure Pass" or Public Lands Recreation Pass required.
Modest flow over the falls, 1/2 mile spur from the parking area. Not bad for the calendar, mostly due to recent rains.

Scattered wildflowers along the Truck Trail.
Once back on the truck trail, I walked about a mile, then took the 2N68 spur to the Owen Brown burial site.

The cluster of sycamore seeds, above, was from the trail to the falls, as were the white flowers, at the top of the post. Annoys me that I can't recall what they're called.
Western wall flower, along the truck trail, right near the start.
One of a handful of scattered Canterbury bell.
Spanish broom a highly common exotic.

Tobacco tree flowers. Not a great shot, but the first I took of them this year.
White nightshade.
California buckwheat.
Possibly Cleveland sage, though I'm not sure.
Wild mustard, another common exotic.
Wild cucumber flowers.
Indian paintbrush. There were a few, on the spur, approaching the Owen Brown burial site.
Sweet pea.
Near the Owen Brown burial site. I've been here, before.
View across the mountains, as I began my return. Fairly cloudy until early evening then it cleared. Comfortable hiking weather.

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