Friday, July 6, 2018

Henninger Flats, Angeles National Forest, CA 6-29-2018

This was back on Friday, June 29. Had a late start to my day, so only managed about eight miles roundtrip. Started from Altadena Drive, near the entrance to the Nature Center. That adds probably 1.5 miles each way to the distance from Pinecrest, which I think is supposed to be 2.7 miles. So figure a little over four miles, each way. Also, because I wanted to make sure I broke 200 floors of climbing for the day, I walked somewhat past Henninger, then walked the dirt road around the flats to the west end, so I'm pretty confident I broke 8 miles for the day.
Because I have had a lot less time for hiking the past few years than I have in the past, this makes it one of my longer walks in a while. It did feel good to get some mileage on my feet.
Although I brought my dslr, I only shot with my cell phone. I got a new one, a Samsung S9. My old one was an S5, so I figured I was due. Haven't read the instructions, so I'm sure I'm not getting the most out of it. But the camera seems pretty good. You can definitely get some decent closeups.
It's a little late at this altitude for wildflowers. The sunflowers were only scattered. The most numerous flower was just the drab white of California buckwheat. Some patches of phlox near the top, as well as some pearly everlasting, just at and past Henninger. A few rather pale lupine, also near the top. Some number of fragrant Spanish broom. And a flower that came in bunches of yellow, though I'm not sure which one it is.
Oh, and I see the photo of phacelia, which again was mostly only near Henninger. I also see a photo of sticky monkey flower. They were also pretty common.
Along the way up, I saw several signs for something called the "Henninger Flats Project." My best guess is that this is the installation of a few water tanks above Henninger.

It may not be obvious from this shot's display, but it looked like a snake crossed here.
Saw a few deer around Henninger, as well.
A view of Mount Harvard, from just west of Henninger. I'm probably too late, temperature-wise, for a hike to Mount Wilson.

Ah, some evening primrose, which I saw several of, along the way.

I've had a few other hikes since last I posted. Will need to work on getting those blogged and illustrated.

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