Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Park Avenue, Arches National Park, October 7, 2018

Well after getting back from my car, I headed over to Park Avenue, intending to reconnoiter some in preparation for possible night sky shots, later that evening. However, I wound up chatting with an older couple, and got nearly nowhere. But I did take a few shots. Most were terrible because I had used my 20mm lens a few days ago for night shots, which meant I turned off the autofocus and didn't notice that until I had taken a number of shots.

I then went back to my motel room in Moab to eat dinner. I microwaved some store-bought fried chicken and ate a few boiled eggs, and an apple and a banana. I watched some television and waited to see if the clouds would clear. When it finally began to clear, I drove back into Arches and parked at the Courthouse Towers lot. Some people were already set up there, taking some shots and painting various rock outcroppings. I gathered my equipment and crossed over into Park Avenue.
I just went far enough to get away from the road lights, and took a whole slew of shots. Little did I know at the time that this would be my only successful night sky shots of the trip. The next two nights were wetter and/or cloudier than this night, which was mostly clear. I was pretty happy with a few of the shots, at least.
Went back to the motel, slept, got up the next day, ate a hearty early breakfast, then drove back a third time into Arches. The plan here was to get some hiking and photography around the Windows section of Arches, then get back to the motel, pack up, and head over to Canyonlands and Deadhorse Point State Park. That'll be my next post, I hope!

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