Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rubio Canyon, Sunday, February 17, 2019

Old post, I never finished. This last winter was pretty wet, particularly compared to recent years. I hit several front range waterfalls repeatedly. What I learned is that I'm not sure if Bailey Falls will ever run, again. It seems like the water that does make it to the bottom of that canyon no longer comes over the small drop; instead, it comes down further down the trail, as springs and seeps a few hundred yards downstream.
On the other hand, Rubio Canyon can still get a nice flow on. This February day was one of the better flowing days. Still early season, so not much in the way of wildflowers. But I did see a few western wallflowers along the way.

Relatively crowded by Rubio Canyon Standards. Obviously, I wasn't the only one thinking the waterfalls might be nice.

The lower falls were fine (Moss Grotto and Ribbon Rock). But I only stayed briefly before heading on, to the Thalehaha Falls overlook.

Made it to the overlook as a couple of rappellers contemplated their decent. They decided not to go, by the way. They weren't wearing wetsuits, and I guess they found the water too cold or too high.
Kind of nice with people standing at the top, as, otherwise, there's no sense of scale to just how tall this waterfall is. Nice sluice at the top that guides the water over the edge, and then spreads a bit as it falls into the gorge, below. When it's flowing nicely, the sound of the falls reverberates a bit from the rocky walls that enclose the base of the falls.

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