Saturday, November 19, 2022

Kolob Terrace Road, October 10, 2022

Mostly just a drive, although I parked the car and walked around taking pictures enough to accumulate over 10,000 steps on the drive. The first shot was at my turnaround point, with a nice view in all directions and grazing sheep in the fields around me.

The second two were very near a spot I stopped a number of years ago. I guess it always lights up and looks great around now. Same as last time, it triggered a "Wow," and I had to stop. Someone else was shooting family shots in the same area, and I tried to stay out of their way.

Kolob Terrace Road breaks from UT-12 while still early in the canyon, and heads along the west end of the terrace, overlooking the valley that is home to Cedar City. Spots of color stopped me on the climb, but the real show as after the road leveled out, beyond the front, and started weaving within the aspen. Small homes and cabins were scattered among some of the trees.

This last shot was actually taken the day before, in Cedar Breaks National Monument. It seemed a little early for fall foliage there, and there were only a few spots with color. I had initially planned to drive up to the Monument the next day, with the light to my west. But decided (correctly, it turns out) to check out Kolob Terrace Road, instead.

Click on the images for larger versions of the shots.


  1. Wow! Those trees don't even look real!

    1. Apparently I"ve only been up this way twice, but pretty amazing, both times.

  2. The other thing I do a lot of is backlighting. With the sun behind the trees, the leaves really pop. But, yeah, I spent a lot of time saying, "Wow!" to myself!