Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hike 35: Henninger Flats

Monday, March 15.

I'm running a little low on my hiking gas, in part because I'm going to have to return to a lot of ground I've covered previously. With the Station Fire recovery zone closure, there are several weeks worth of hikes that are off limits until October, at least. Meanwhile, the snow is keeping the high country mostly off-limits, too.

This hike was one of those where I just hopped in the car and wasn't sure which local hike I'd do. In part because Eaton Canyon is the closest trailhead to my home, I wound up here. To mix things up a bit, I accessed the canyon from the midpoint, where Altadena Drive overlooks Eaton Canyon before it angles a bit to the west.

From there, I headed down the hill, made my way across the wash (still running pretty high), then went south, to where the 'shortcut' trail up Henninger diverges from the main trail between the nature center and the waterfall.

If nothing else, I know I'm in better shape, because I was able to move quickly up this section, and then on for the rest of the way on the Toll Road.

My pace was helped by traveling light. Because I had a late start on this one, I knew it would be a short hike, so I didn't even bother with a daypack. I just had my keys, my cell phone, and a half-drunk bottle of Gatorade that was left over from my trip up Stoddard Peak.

I took a picture (or at least thought I took a picture) of the Upper/Mt. Fuji Campground sign, because I think it's funny. However, I can't find the picture on my phone, so no art to display for this hike.

On Wednesday, I did hike 36, the Winter Creek loop to and from Mt. Zion, out of Chantry Flats. It's ground I've covered before, but I did take my camera on that one. I'll have to work through those pictures and do a write-up for that soon. It's just that NCAA basketball today has been diverting my attention the past few days.

I'm tied for the lead in my group's pool. I need to mention it now, since this fact may not last very long!


  1. Do you use your phone for all of your pictures?

  2. No, only when I forget to bring my camera or my camera battery dies. My phone had pretty mediocre resolution under the best of circumstances. More recently, I must have either scratched or smudge the area around my phone's camera lens, because now all my phone pictures have a fuzzy area.

    Flipping through my posts, the only phone camera pictures I see posted are the one I took of the "Mount Wilson Trailhead" at the top of Mount Wilson (with the pavilion in the background) and the picture I took of Monrovia Falls.

    The other ones are with the digital equivalent of point and shoot cameras-- a 9.2 megapixel Kodak, or a 7 megapixel Samsung camera. Both have a 3x optical zoom, and both ran $80-$90 when I bought them (the former last summer and the latter about three years ago).