Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mojave National Preserve Star Party

Weather-permitting, I'll be heading to the Mojave National Preserve next Saturday (May 19) for a dark-sky star party.

I've helped out (with a telescope) at this semi-annual party about 4 times in the past, and it's almost always gone well (a few times it was a little windy for telescopes, but we still got to see something!). By May, we're hoping the high winds will be gone and we should get some excellent viewing in.

I've linked the flyer in the first paragraph, above. I'll also probably move this one back up to the top of the blog in a few days, a day or two after I get my next hike or two blogged.

The Preserve has outstanding dark skies and plenty of open space for hiking. I've got a few of my hikes from the preserve linked below:

Table Top Mountain

Barber Peak Loop

Teutonia Peak

The Black Canyon group campground mentioned in the Mojave Preserve linked at the top is north of I-40. Yes, it's quite a drive (about 4 hours), and you'll want to fill your tank in Barstow.

If you take I-40, you'll parallel historic route 66 for a good chunk of the drive, so you can take that scenic route, too. Amboy Crater is right adjacent to historic route 66. If it's not too hot, it's definitely worth a stop.

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