Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hike 2012.059 -- Henninger Flat

Hiked Friday, August 24. Short hike over a trail I've covered many times before. Just wanted to get a little walk in before the weekend.

Parked on Crescent Drive and took a short walk up Pinecrest Drive, to the gated upper entrance and crossed the historic bridge that marked the beginning of the old Mt. Wilson Toll Road.

I know if I push myself, I can do it round trip in just under two hours. However, it was warm, and I did not push myself. I just enjoyed being outdoors.

As is often the case on my Friday afternoon hikes, I'm surprised by how few people are out there with me. Maybe a half-dozen people coming down as I went up, and maybe a dozen coming up when I came down. I guess most working folks don't make it there until about six pm.

The camp-ground at Henninger has been open for at least a few months (forget when I first saw people camping there), and a few dads and their kids were on the trail. Kinda nice intro to backpacking and camping, I guess. I wonder if the sky is any darker up there? No Milky Way, I'm sure, buy maybe a few more stars to make it special.

On the way up, I noticed the first-quarter moon. The next day was going to be a sidewalk astronomy night. Unfortunately, I had to work that night, so I couldn't see my usual crowd.

However, I did put my schedule request in for September, and I gave myself the next sidewalk evening (9/22)off. I also got the next day off (9/23). That's PATS, the Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show. Not expecting to buy anything there, but I like to show my support for having a big astronomy show like that virtually in my own backyard, so I and the rest of the Old Town Astronomers bought tickets to attend. Probably try to catch a few talks, too.

Interest-ingly, after my hike, as I drove by the Eaton Canyon Nature Center, the sign that was there a week or so previously that said the parking lot closed at 7pm was no longer there, and the parking lot gate was still open. I don't know what the deal was with the early parking lot closure previously, but it may be a thing of the past. Still, I'd likely park on the street if there was some doubt about when I'd be getting back.

About 5.4 miles for the day, and a decent bit of climbing. Felt good.

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