Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hike 2015.003 -- Hacienda Hills (Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Authority), Seventh Avenue to Water Tank

Hiked Sunday, January 4. The first full weekend of 2015 saw me managing a third hike for the week, which mean I was actually ahead of schedule for a possible 100 hike year. Of course, with my work schedule, actually managing 100 hikes is going to be almost impossible, but it was nice to be "ahead of schedule," for the first time in probably three years.
This being the third hike of the year, I'm stepping back one to blog it. But at least I'm not behind. Maybe I'll be able to blog one or two of my 2014 hikes before long.

My trail started at the south end of 7th Avenue, which is off of the Pomona Freeway (CA-60), one exit east of the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) interchange.

I hiked the Ahwinga Trail up to the Skyline Trail (Schaba-rum Trail), then crossed the fence line to the prominent empty water tank that overlooks Whittier. As such, the water tank can also be accessed from the Greenleaf Avenue or Turnbull Canyon trailheads.

The watertank itself is covered by graffiti, and topped by various microwave transmis-sion antenna. From the water tank (and, of course, from near the water tank), you've got some pretty impressive views.
Turnbull Canyon is to your east, with Turnbull Canyon Road far below. The Chino Hills are a bit beyond that, then the Santa Ana Mountains, and, if it's really clear, Mt. San Jacinto. To your north and northwest, far in the distance, are the San Gabriel Mountains.
To the south and southwest is Whittier and Los Angeles. If it's clear, the downtown skyscrapers look nearby. The Pacific Ocean is further away, and, again, if it's clear, Santa Catalina Island. Rose Hills Memorial park is nearby and to your west. The recovering landfill is mostly hidden from view from here, but is to yoru northwest.

About 3.5 miles for the whole hike. Rather short, but still a step in the right direction.


  1. l followed fence don left side today.
    At the bottom we usually go thru to Orange Grove to parking lot,But It's blocked by residence.
    There was open the fence door without lock. I went in and found every gate was lock, end of the day I walked
    8 hr 40 min. I should go to
    mid tral among three. Be careful folks!

    1. Yeah, I read that some of the access points further on Orange Grove have been closed. I used to just go to Seventh Avenue because it was the closest to the freeway. More choices for locals would be nice, though.