Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hike 2015.046 -- Fish Canyon Falls

Hiked Friday, June 12. I have a growing backlog of hikes to blog, so I should probably post shorter, and just get them done, faster.

Completed my 53rd hike of the year yesterday. It wasn't all that long, but it was warm, and I was getting clumsy on the way down, tripping and shuffling, and slurring my words, a little. So I'm taking it easy, today. Just home, doing laundry, and probably walking around the block in the next few hours.
I think I've been on this hike about three times since the new trail access was opened. It's at the top of Encanto Drive, in Duarte and Azusa. The Vulcan Mining Company owns the land at the mouth of the canyon, and that limited access for years to either a very long detour, or perhaps monthly access across the mining area. Now, there's access nearly every day, with pretty reasonable hours.
It was running a little low last time I came, but that was before a series of rains in May and June sort of gave a lot of the local waterfalls a second spring. I've seen it much higher in the past, as well, but it was still a pleasant sight.

Unfortunately, it was not a pleasant sound, as the folks ahead of me decided they needed a reverberating soundtrack to properly enjoy the outdoors. I don't understand the need for constant noise, because then you'll miss things like the sound of running water. I especially don't understand the decision to make everyone else listen to your music, as well.
The flowers were nice, undoubt-edly helped by the late rains. Lots of buck-wheat, which is to be expected. But the elegant Clarkia was a pleasant surprise.
There was also a fair amount of scarlet larkspur, and a lot of "Our Lord's Candle" yucca in bloom.
I also saw quite a lot (relatively speaking) mariposa lily, and Farewell to Spring. Oh, yes, and a large newt, who was residing at the base of Darlin' Donna Falls.

After visiting the main falls and the accompanying music, I worked my way down to the lower pool. I figured there must be a way down there besides diving, which is common, when the water is higher.

Nice little waterfall there, too.

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