Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hike 2015.057 and Hike 2015.056 -- Sturtevant Falls and Eaton Canyon

Well, still more or less keeping on track for a 100 hike year, but well behind schedule in terms of blogging. So here's a two-fer.

After work on Monday and Tuesday, I decided to visit the two easiest front range waterfalls: Eaton Canyon and Sturtevant Falls, in that order.

Because of the relatively heavy rains on Sunday, I thought the falls might be revived. They had been.
Still not exactly roaring, but running well for late-July. Perhaps even a bit stronger than they were in late June. And late June was better than in early May.

It's been a funny rain year--Last weekend's storm put us well above average for July. The early June rains put us well above average for June. May's rains were also at or above average. It's the relative dryness of the earlier months that make it a drought year.
More detailed descriptions of the hikes are elsewhere, including on this blog. Just trying to get something new posted, quick, this time.

Because it was only the previous day that it had rained, Eaton Canyon flowed muddy. I played with some 1/2 and 2/3 second exposures to get some nice blurring, especially at the base pool of the falls.
For Sturtevant Canyon, I added a flag picture. The cabin at Fiddler's Crossing almost always has a nice, newish flag. Nice color in the forest.
Then I have a snap shot (1/20th or so of a second) of the full falls, wide view, then closer views, at between 1/2 and 1/5 of a second, to get the nice blur, again.


  1. You're so right -- perfect time to visit some falls. Think I'll check out the one in Bailey Canyon.

  2. Usually takes a bit to get Bailey Canyon flowing. Monday might have worked. Not sure if it was open. But I did briefly think about either Bailey Canyon or Rubio Canyon. Went with the tried and true. ;)