Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hike 2015.092 -- Water Canyon, San Gabriel Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, Angeles National Forest

Hiked Sunday, December 6. Been here at least twice before, including the first time, as my 113th hike of my first year of hike blogging. Directions to trailhead and trail description are previously posted.
Shortly after I started going up, just before the steep use-trail shortcut (which I did not take), I saw some Christmas ornaments on the ground. Turns out someone had placed some of the ornaments on a juniper tree. Apparently, they've been there for a while, since the paint had worn off of many of the ornaments.
Nice view of the reservoir on this hike. The water level is low, of course. It's often low before the rainy season, but it's especially low, now, on account of the extended drought.
Hiked along Silverfish Road for about two miles, before taking a short, steep route up the ridgeline, to where it again intersected the fire road. Turned there and took some shots, then returned the way I came. Probably five miles for the day.

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