Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Northshore Peak, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV

Hiked Friday, April 30. First of two hikes over the weekend.

I had hiked here just a month an a half previous, but ran out of time and was not able to make the short Class 3 pitch up tot he peak. This time, I had much more daylight, so the lighting wasn't as pretty, but there was plenty of time to summit and return.

Details on how to get to this trail, and the hike, were mentioned in the linked post. It's not an exact science, though. You just look across the road from the parking lot, figure about where you want to go, and walk in that general direction.

There actually are sections with pretty well-defined trail, but the area is so barren that you can take any one of a number of routes to reach the crest. Still some rather tall dried grass, however, during which, I was reminded to maybe take some care about where I put my foot down.

Actually one of the first good views of a rattlesnake I've had in a while. In some years, I've managed numerous sitings. And, in fact, not only did I see this guy, but I also saw a small garter snake and a huge diamond back during my next hike. No picture of the former, but the latter will make an appearance in my next post.

Not many flowers on this hike, though. These were pretty much it. Plenty more flowers on my next day's hike. But, even there, the flowers were hardly thick, but there was a bit of variety.

Selfie of me as I achieved the ridge.

After reaching the ridge, you can pretty much stay near the ridge until you're encountered by a short but steep break in the ridge. From there, a short backtrack east and south takes you to an easy walk around. Nice view through the narrow break between the protrusions, though.

That's where I had to turn around, last time. Sun was already down, and I didn't want to have to make my way back to the car in the dark. Well, really, I didn't want to have to descend the mountain in the dark. I knew once I reached the flatter start of that hike, I'd be fine, but the earlier part was going to be steep.

This is where the short Class 3 segment is encountered. It's not at all exposed, with plenty of hand and footholds, so it's easy for anyone of nominal coordination and non-toddler height (IMHO).

Obviously, the view is not dramatically different here versus where I ended, the last time, with the exception of looking west. Nice view overlooking Northshore Road, and nice views over some rugged-looking peaks. Very desolate-looking mountains near you, and Lake Mead, in the distance, both east and north.
It's undoubtedly a great view from up here. Sort of wish they had a more established trail, because that would minimize the many different trample paths to the mountain. Of course, that would also increase visitation. From the top, you do have some serious potential dropoffs, and I suppose they might be worried about that. But it's no more precarious than the overlook near Liberty Bell Arch, which does have a well-defined trail to take you there.
My Alltrails app said it was about 3.8 miles roundtrip for me, and a bit under 1000 feet of vertical. If I hadn't wandered somewhat off track on return, it would have been less. So figure likely about 3 1/3 mile and 950 feet of elevation for a more efficient route. No technical skills required, but take some care, both so that you don't step on a snake, and so you don't take a long fall.

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