Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hike 22: Chantry Flats, Feb. 16, 2010

Today's hike was from Chantry Flats to Sturdevant Falls, then back to the Sturdevant Trail, then north to the Mount Zion trail to Mount Zion, then south to the Lower Winter Creek Trail, back to Chantry Flats. 9-10 miles, total.

Sturdevant Falls was flowing nicely (see second picture, taken on the 16th). That means the stream you need to cross several times to get to the falls was also a little higher. Still, it was nothing compared to getting to Eaton Canyon Falls last week.

Compare yesterday's view with the picture taken last month. I was standing slightly further away and with a higher vantage point, but it's the same general angle.

Interesting Contrail from the top of Mount Zion.

The plane was flying left to right. It's at the tip of the white part of the contrail. The sun was off to the left, so the contrail cast a shadow that extended ahead of where the plane was.

The last picture is of upper Sturdevant Falls. It's one of numerous cascades (or small waterfalls) that are immediately above Sturdevant Falls. You can see those by taking the lower Sturdevant Trail (instead of the Gabrielino Trail). Both trails split to the north and west of the Sturdevant Falls Trail just before Fiddler's Crossing.

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