Monday, February 15, 2010

Hike 21: Devil's Punchbowl and Devil's Chair

Some shots from my last hike, February 14, 2010. The top left is Mt. Williamson, visible for much of the hike between Devil's Punchbowl and Devil's Chair. Williamson is 8214" tall. It's actually only a mile or so from the Angeles Crest Highway, and bit more from Azusa Blvd. However, there's way too much snow to hike to it now. Also, Angeles Crest Highway is closed due to storm damage. I hope to hike to it later in the summer.
The rest of the shots are from the area around Devil's Punchbowl. Devil's Chair was a nice hike and the views were nice, but the views did not translate to good photos.
At the Punchbowl, there's a 1 mile loop that goes down into the Punchbowl then climbs back out. There's also a short nature trail that stays up top. The stream shot and the rocks on the left were from the loop. You may be able to make out a few people in the bottom right corner of the rock shot. They give you a sense of the scale of these rocks. Or you may not be able to see them, at all. I can only see them because I know where they are.
Same with the last shot. The shot at the bottom right is from the nature trail. These rocks are to the north of Devil's Punchbowl. People were climbing on these rocks, too. They're standing on the crest to the right, just right of the last fin.

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