Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Own 100 Hikes

I saw an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune last month ago about a guy who finished 100 hikes in just seven months. It seemed like a worthy goal. So I decided I'd adopt that as my goal this year: 100 hikes in 2010.

I've already finished 20 hikes this year. I won't put in recaps of all of them, but I think I will post about a number of them.

My definition for a hike is a three-mile minimum in a day, taking me someplace I could not otherwise drive to on pavement, and being in a general "wild" state. Walking around a developed park won't count. But walking in Griffith Park on a trail or dirt road to get to the Hollywood sign? Yeah, that one counts.


  1. Good luck! Let me know if you want to hike.

    (The other 100 hikes guy)

  2. Nice of you to stop by!

    And thanks for the invitation. I tend to do a lot of my hikes sort of spur of the moment, though. Today, for no particuarly reason, I hiked a chunk of the Altadena Crest Trail. May never walk that area again, but I'm glad I did!