Friday, March 15, 2013

Hike 2012.012 --- Rubio Canyon and Bailey Canyon

Gotta keep these short, because I'm just falling too far behind in my blogging.

Hiked Saturday, March 9. I actually hiked Rubio Canyon as my 11th hike of the year, as well. I returned after a night of very heavy rains, thinking the falls might be more active this day.

First, I headed to Bailey Canyon. That's north of Carter Avenue, just west of Lima. I've described getting here in the past. Search here or google elsewhere.

Bottom line: Still just a moist drip on a wall. I was really expecting a better flow after all that rain, but I guess it still hasn't made up for the dry winter.

Next, further west, to Rubio Canyon. I finally figured out the least-turns way to get here. Take Altadena Drive north. After Eaton Canyon, and vicinityh, Altadena Drive becomes an east-west running street.

Right after the first stop sign past Eaton Canyon (Allen Avenue), take the next right (Tanoble Drive). It's a narrow, residential street, so drive appropriately.

Turn left at the stop sign. That'll be Loma Alta.

There are several deep dips in this road, so, again, drive slowly, especially when you approach the signed dips.

Your road will turn to the right, with a concrete detention basin on your left. When it makes a sweeping turn to the left, the road changes name to Rubio Canyon Drive.

Right where the change from Loma Alta to Rubio Canyon occurs, there's a small road that heads north. Google Maps says it's Camp Huntington Drive, but there is no name on the ground.

You can't park on that road, nor on the adjacent Loma Alta or Rubio Canyon Roads. Instead, continue another 100 yards, to Rubio Crst Drive. Turn right and park there. Then walk back to your trailhead.

Or, if you want to get the falls and have a shorter, less-steep hike, drive on up to Rubio Crest. Turn right at the corner (Rubio Vista Drive), then look to park when Rubio Vista parking when your road makes a 90-degree left turn and changes name to Pleasant Ridge Drive. There's a trailhead between the two houses on the hill-side of that corner.

From the trailhead I took, it adds probabably 2/3 of a mile roundtrip to the hike, and probably 120 or so of vertical feet.

I've blogged on this hike before, so nothing to add.

Waterfalls were still low here, too. Didn't bother with the higher falls. Just headed back after the first two.

A few wildflowers were blooming. The Western Wallflowers I saw last week were still there. Also photographed mountain lilac, wishbone, and the first lupine I have seen in a while.

Short three miles for the day, between the two hikes.


  1. I love this spot. I randomly hiked back to the falls with my family a couple of years ago and I saved the picture on the right column of my blog. I would love to hike more in this area but it's quite far away from me...

  2. You posted on the wrong post, by accident. You meant the one with Eaton Canyon, not Rubio Canyon!