Friday, March 18, 2016

More Death Valley Wildflowers -- 11 March 2016

Visited Death Valley again last weekend. These are either on the Beatty Cutoff to CA-170 or from Badwater Road, south of Badwater. The rolling yellow hills are almost entirely desert gold.

Other than that, the most common flower was what I assume to be notch leaf phacelia. Some looked quite different from others: Some looked like purple versions of fiddleneck, for example. But, near as I can tell, they were all just different growth patterns of the same flower.

Scattered, low patches of desert star were also spotted.

Desert five spot were also mixed into those hills of desert gold.

It was mostly cloudy on Friday, and, by Friday night, heavy rain fell outside of the park, in Beatty, NV. Scattered, lighter rain fell inside the park. Lots of virga, too.

Gravel ghost was common, mostly near roads. Not as common as desert gold, but often mixed in with them. Most were closed, because it was overcast, and windy. Only a few were open, to reveal the five purple spots.

Mixture of phacelia and desert gold.

Sun, breaking through, just a few moments after the dark of the earlier shot.
A wider view, with a person, for perspective. Those rolling hills of yellow were very impressive.

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