Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Incredibly stupid person defaces national parks and monuments all over the West

There are stupid people, then there are really stupid people. One really stupid person has been painting bad art on rocks all across the West. Fortunately, there's a pretty good chance she'll get caught, soon. When she does, I'm hoping she'll actually come to realize what an insanely stupid thing she has done. I'm also hoping our government will play in role in that. So there's this petition to the President of the United States, asking that this stupid person be held accountable for her actions. Please sign it!

Just over 600 folks have already signed up in just the first day. It would be great if the number made it past 100,000, so the White House would have to formally respond to it.


  1. The only thing worse that defacing national parks is asking the reject Barry Hussein Obama to do something about it.

  2. And this is why nothing gets done in America. You'd think nearly everyone would agree that, yeah, painting "art" *on* the Wilderness is a bad thing, and the responsible party should be held accountable. But, no for some folks, defacing the national parks of the United States of America is not as bad as letting a single post get by on the Internet without adding a content-less bit of name calling against your political demon of the moment.

  3. Skyhiker, I agree it is frustrating. Go to any of the parks anywhere in this country and somebody has scribbled graffiti somewhere. Even many of the redwoods are covered in chicken scratch.

    When I moved out to LA several years ago, I stopped by Petroglyphs National Monument in New Mexico. I couldn't believe people would deface the ancient rock art, even shoot bullet holes into them. I was furious by the end of my hike. When I happened to meet the park ranger there just before leaving, I vented my frustrations. I'll never forget what he said and still carry it with me. He said something like, "Don't be angry, the world is filled with enough anger as it is. Try to take something you saw that was positive and take that feeling with you..."

  4. That's a nice attitude, especially if you can't catch the offender. If you can identify the responsible party, however, I'd say, yeah, let's hold him or her accountable.