Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angeles Crest Highway Reopens?

This seems like it would be big news, but I have been having trouble finding stories confirming the reopening.

The Mt. Wilson Observatory says they are definitely expecting it to be open this weekend and are expecting a flood of eager curiosity seekers, so the Cosmic Cafe is scheduled to be open for the first three weekends in December.

I came across this Caltrans press release that seems to suggest the highway opened this morning. However, the issue date says 1/2010, which makes it odd.

The other stories about the road opening all seem to be from last year. So I don't know if the highway is now open, or will soon open. Either way, however, when the highway does open, it sounds like rock slides will be common and great care should be taken by motorist on the Angeles Crest Highway.


  1. As of 7:45 this morning, it was still closed.

  2. Ah, I did not read far enough on their condition report.

  3. I take Angeles Forest Highway from Palmdale to Pasadena. Since Angeles Crest is still closed, I have to turn onto Big Tujunga Canyon Road. I talked to one of the workers and he said they are planning on mid December. This morning there were 3 helicopters deployed by Edison to lift workers and equipment into remote areas.