Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day is Another Free Public Lands Day

Well, folks, tomorrow's November 11--Veterans Day. It's also the last of a surprisingly large number of Free Federal Public Lands Days they've had this year. (One day in November, one day in September, plus that whole week we had back in April). That means normal entry fees to FEDERAL (not state or local) areas that charge a regular entry fee (national parks, national forests, select BLM areas, Army Corps of Engineers lands, national wildlife refuges, etc) are waived. If there's a specific additional special use fee (boat launch, camping, cave tour, etc), those still apply.

I'm debating where I might head to tomorrow. I REALLY wanted to go up to Zion this fall, but that's not a very feasible day trip from the LA area. To do that, I'd have to leave tonight and spend the night somewhere north of Las Vegas. And that would still mean either a ridiculous long drive tomorrow, or another night somewhere north of Las Vegas. Too cheap and poor to do that.

So more than likely, it will be another trip to Joshua Tree. I've been wanting to do something out of Black Rock Canyon (far northwest end of the park), although I'm not even sure if they normally charge an entry fee to access it from there. Maybe Eureka Peak. Still looking at other options.

That would be hike #99.

I would also still like to finally complete the Mt. Baldy Trail. Not sure if I have the endurance and daylight to finish that this year, but it would be a nice way to finish the first 100 hikes of the year.

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