Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oak Glen

I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't planning to do any walking. However, now I'm starting to think I should just keep my camera with me always (or get a phone that takes decent pictures).

My main reason for coming out here was to buy an apple pie for Thanksgiving. My wife and I are partial to Los Rios Rancho. They sell these humungous pies, filled with five pounds of apples. And their taste is as big as their appearance!

Oak Glen is easily accessible via the I-10. Exit at Yucaipa Road, head north/east about 3 1/2 miles, then turn left on Oak Glen Road. After passing by a huge regional park, Oak Glen Road crosses Bryant Road. To get to Oak Glen, continue straight. However, if you were to turn on left on Bryant Road, you'd hit CA-38 in about three miles. That's one of the main access routes into the San Bernardino National Forest. Angelus Oaks is about fourteen miles further on CA-38.

Meanwhile, if you were heading to Los Rios Rancho, you'd reach it about five miles east of Bryant. You'd also pass about two miles of other shops and working farms before you reached Los Rios.

The land is owned by The Wildlands Conservancy, which also owns several other lands in the state, including the Whitewater Preserve that I hiked on a number of months ago.

Oak Glen was gorgeous today. On the way up the mountain, I could see what I believe is Mt. San Gorgonio, snow covered and looking very inviting (but cold!). The peaks closer to Oak Glen (Wilshire Peak, Oak Glen Peak, etc) also had a dusting of snow. Meanwhile, the oak trees down in town had their rusted yellow tint of autumn. Especially with today's brisk weather, it felt very fall-like and very un-Los Angeles.

The view was so wonderful I just had to get out and walk a bit. There are several short trails around Los Rios, but even if you walk all of them, you'll cover no more than about 1.5 miles. So don't drive to Oak Glen for the hiking. Drive there for the apples. And the apple cider. But, especially, drive there for the pie. :D

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