Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hike 2011.059 -- North-South Trail (2), Land Between the Lakes NRA, KY

Hiked Saturday, September 3. Man, was it hot, today. Forecast high of 97, but my car thermo-meter said 100 when I got back. And I felt pretty wiped by then, too.

About ten miles total walking for the trip. Not that long by normal measures, but very hot and very humid.

Started from the Golden Pond visitor's center, again (same starting point as on Tuesday). This time, however, I headed south. Thought I might go 7 or so miles south, but by the time I reached LBL Road #170, I was feeling plenty tired. Turned around there, where a sign said it was 4.9 miles back to the Golden Pond. The sign also said it was .5 miles to The Trace, and the gravel road that is #170 looked very passenger-car friendly. Figure the next time I'm at LBL, I'll head south on the Trace and find this 170 road, again. It'll be easy for me to just add another segment south.

This was another mostly-forested hike. Good, because it was HOT. But, therefore, not a lot of scenery.

I did notice that the persimmon-like tree leaves were even more orange than on Tuesday.

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  1. Well, my laptop computer died yesterday, and I have discoverd that my office computer won't let me post a new post, but it does let me post comments. So I've written up a post of my latest hike, but I can't post it! What a pain.